This is the download section for our pcbs, kits and instruction guides for completed pedals. It will also have miscellaneous articles on DIY hints and tips.

PCB Instructions


3 Transistor Fuzz (Based on 70’s Jen Fuzz) – Click HERE

BC182L Fuzz (Based on Meathead) – Click HERE

MPSA18 Fuzz (Based on Hyperion) – Click HERE

Muff Master (Based on Big Muff) – Click HERE

NPN Fuzz (Based on Fuzz Face) – Click HERE


1901 Overdrive build instructions (Based on Vox V1901) – Click HERE

CD4049 Red Overdrive (Based on RL)  – Click HERE

Curse Dolly Overdrive (Based on Voodoo Labs ’97 Overdrive) – Click HERE

LM741 Overdrive (Based on 250) – Click HERE


Mosfet Boost (Based on SHO)  – Click HERE

TL061 Clean Boost (Based on Microamp) – Click HERE

Treble Booster (Based on Range Master) – Click HERE


TL072 Buffer- Click HERE

Switch Daughterboard

3PDT Daughterboard build instructions  – Click HERE